Turn Your Story into a Book

sample booksWe're sure you'll agree that memories of special times are priceless and worth saving forever.

  Here, at Your Story In A Book, we're giving you the chance to keep those treasured memories alive forever, by having your story told in a stylish, hardback coffee table book.

  This is not a do-it-yourself photo album. This is a real book with your story written by a professional journalist.

  Our team of professional writers and designers led by award-winning journalist and author, Norman Macdonald will turn your own story into a large-sized luxury book of words and pictures.

  And that means you, your family, friends and future generations can read about your life, your special times and your achievements.

  We also give companies and organisations a unique way of promoting their business by impressing clients and customers with the story of their company in our large format books.

We will interview you in the comfort of your own home or office and you can then order a single coffee table book to as many books as you want, featuring any aspect of your life.

   And if you give one of our books as a gift, just imagine the delight you would see on the face of a loved one, a friend, or colleague when you present them with a book featuring their own story.