Which book For you?

With Your Story In A Book, you can relive the special times in your life day after day and at the same time, leave a legacy of treasured memories for your children, grandchildren and future generations.
  There's no better way to celebrate the events that mean so much to you than by having them described in one of our stunning books. With a book of your own special story, you can always look back and keep the memories fresh in your mind as if it was only yesterday.
  Ordering one or more of our books featuring your story will be a once in a lifetime purchase that lasts much longer than a lifetime.

  Click below for some ideas that would make a great book -

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Your Wedding Book

A UNIQUE way to celebrate and remember forever your very own love story from the day you met, the first date, shared holidays, romantic memories, the proposal, your engagement and your wedding day ceremony and celebrations. Our professional writers and designers will create a luxury hardback coffee table book that will make you the envy of your friends.
   One of our large-sized books telling the bride and groom's very own love story would make a stunning and everlasting gift from the bridesmaids or the parents to the happy couple. Why not add your own book to your wedding gift list?

Family History

DON'T leave it till it's too late to record your family history for future generations.
  Have you ever wondered how your mum and dad met? Do you know what it was like for your gran and grandpa when they were growing up? And do you want to make sure your children, grandchildren and future generations aren't left wondering about their family history and missing out on some amazing stories about times gone by?
   Make sure your family stories and memories never fade away by ordering a book of words and pictures featuring your family history.

A Landmark Birthday

CREATING a book of a family member or friend's life story so far is a fantastic gift for someone celebrating a landmark birthday.
   Whether it's a 21st, 40th, 50th, or a 65th birthday, imagine the surprise and delight on the face of a loved one or a friend when you present them with their very own "This Is Your Life" Big Red Book.

A Special Anniversary

REACHING a milestone wedding anniversary is certainly worth celebrating with a special gift.
   An anniversary book about a couple's married life together is the perfect anniversary gift - not only for the couple themselves, but for the rest of their family as well. Present the couple with one of our luxury hardback coffee table books that celebrates and reminds them of the wonderful life they have shared together and they will thank you forever.

Personal Achievement

OUR achievements are personal milestones in our lives and something we should be proud of.
   Your Story In A Book will tell how someone has achieved their goal and capture forever what has gone into their successes. Once again a super gift to mark and pay tribute to someone's personal achievements.

A Lifetime's Work On Retirement

A LIFETIME of work and achievement is worth honouring. And what better way than to chronicle those years in one of our stylish coffee table books.
   It's a superb mark of respect and appreciation for colleagues to present the person retiring with this superb record of their time at work. One of our books would make a wonderful farewell gift.

Your Child's Early Years

DON'T let the precious moments of your children growing up ever be lost - either to you or to them. Charting your child’s first words, first steps and first day at school are just some of the times you can remember forever by having them saved for posterity in words and pictures in one of our luxury books.

Promoting Your Business

TAKE your business beyond the web and into the hands of potential customers and clients.
  A large format book featuring your company's history and achievements in words and pictures
is a unique way of promoting your business and creating a lasting impression.